Tuesday , January 16th 2018
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Toshiba Kirabook

The Toshiba Kirabook is a force to be reckoned with. It is one of their flagship laptops and competes with the likes of Dell XPS 13, Apple Macbook Pro, and the Samsung ATIV Book. This laptop comes in under 3 pounds, has a stunning 13.3″ quad-HD touch screen, and that semi-required brushed metal aluminum chassis we’ve all grown to love.

These laptops have a smooth tactile feel to them but also a rigid and reliable build quality. The screen has the resolution required to compete at the highest level. The colors are sharp and images are crisp leaving nothing to the imagination. The screen’s touch features have also continued to impress its users. Responsive, accurate, and convenient in a surprising number of scenarios. Whether its pinching to zoom or dragging items around, it can often times be faster than conventional means.

Toshiba did not cut any corners when considering how they’d grace the ears of their listeners. Harman Kardon speakers help to complete this package of an ultrabook. These speakers give the punch that users want without losing clarity and quality.

The chiclet keyboard makes it and easy task to showboat your typing deftness to others.  Nicely spaced keys and function row at the top for adjusting settings covers all the bases. The touchpad is 4.1 x 2.3 inches and most users note this is more than enough real estate for what they require. Just like the touch screen, gestures are well recognized and executed. Right clicks, left clicks, pinches, zooms, etc are all a cinch. This is a breaking point for many laptops and Toshiba delivered.

In a world where we all carry backpacks full of devices wherever we go, cables to charge, and peripherals to connect it is increasingly important that a laptop has a sufficient amount of USB ports. Toshiba knows their market, and again, delivered on this. Three USB 3.0 ports can help any power user get comfortable and setup. One of them supports Toshiba’s Sleep and Charge feature which lets a device receive a charge even while the laptop is asleep.

The other standards are all available as well like an aux port, memory card reader, and HDMI out port which can even support 4k displays.

The battery, for those who work on the road, coffee shop hop, and rarely have an outlet nearby to shoot some juice into it, lasts up to 9 hours while continuously browsing the web. For the vast majority this is more than sufficient and given the hardware specs nothing short of impressive.

As you can imagine, based on the attention to detail and sheer effort that went into this laptops design, the performance benchmarks fell right in line. Beating the Dell XPS 13 and Samsung ATIV Book in the majority of categories, and only falling slightly short to the Macbook Pro, the Kirabook delivers. Short and sweet…the Kirabook delivers.